Key goals

System of control and management on the basis of satellite (Navigation Systems GLONASS and GPS), GPRS technologies and specialized software allows the use accounting technology, transmission and processing data, which significantly improves efficiency of activity as an individual companies as well groups of companies a whole, eads to economy of material and human resources,increases productivity and optimizes production and logistics processes due to various factors, including:

  • Operational management and control of the object’s state include: moving, productivity, operating conditions in «real» time and for any period of history
  • Optimization of the company’s management processes: automation of data collection and analysis for monitoring of objects, preparation of analytical manipulations with the provision of management reports and / or senior management of group companies
  • The improvement of control for operation of the company: the control of fulfilment established of production norms, exposure of facts of violations, uneffective/illegal use of objects
  • The improvement of general discipline of regional management, employees and auxiliary personnel
  • The improvement of system of safety of labour and prevention of supernumerary situations on enterprises
  • Account of expense of FLM (depository-petrol tanker-transport vehicle)
  • The reduction of prime price of freight traffic, passenger transportations and any eventual products by the produced company due to control and effective management
  • The control of places of loading and unloading of the produced or collected products
  • The optimization of administrative and book-keeping account
  • The application of similar innovative technologies is a standard in many international companies the use of which results not only in the increase of the productivity but also to creating a positive image of company in the eyes of the state, investors and partners, that straight or by implication improves a collaboration with them.