SKIF is the navigation-informational system worked out by the specialists of group of companies Monitoring plus on the base of the newest and front-rank technologies taking into account multiyear practical experience in the field of monitoring of movable and static objects. SKIF is the first software (further «SOFTWARE») worked out in Republics of Kazakhstan with the registered copyrights not only in Republic of Kazakhstan but also countries the CIS.

SKIF it truly universal platform, in creation of which took part not only employees of our company, but scientists of research centers and institutes of Kazakhstan and Russia, leading specialists of different industries and sectors of economy. SOFTWARE has unique possibilities to be scaled and modified, as under any branch decisions so and target needs of customer.

At planning and development of technical part SOFTWARE we used the most flexible and reliable mechanisms — SKIF is worked out on a base Java and programming of JavaScript language, with the use of DMS of PostgreSQL, that has powerful and reliable mechanisms of transactions, replica set and treatments of GEO-data. Presence simple and open JSON API allows to be quickly and easily integrated with any external systems of account and control.

Company Monitoring plus also actively develops own subdivision on creation of electronic maps and their actualization, therefore our SOFTWARE has not only modern but also most actual built-in cartographic server. Our electronic map it is a multi-layered resource, including the systems of housing and communal services, street, road, passages, dwellings and unoccupied structures, building plans and completing short information about objects and their state.

In addition to web to the appendix, Monitoring plus also offers to the use mobile appendixes of SKIF for mobile devices supporting Andrоid and iOS platforms, that gives an opportunity to carry out control and manage monitoring objects at any time from any point of planet to our clients!