CANCrocodile allows to get data about work of car from the tire of CAN without interference with integrity of tire.

The read-out of data takes place without an electric contact with wires.

CANCrocodile is used for connection to the tire of CAN of the systems of GPS/GLONASS monitoring, that get information about the modes of operations of engine, state of sensors, presence of disrepairs etc.

CANCrocodile does not violate the isolation of wires of CAN and "listens "an exchange on a tire by means of the special off-wire receiver.

Distinctive features of CANCrocodile

  • feeds from the side network of car
  • reads signals through the isolation of wires
  • simple in setting and exploitation
  • light indication of office hours
  • does not require tuning

Technical descriptions

Level of losses of reports, %, no more 1
Compatibility SAE J1939
CAN Open
NMEA 2000
Nominal tension of feed*, W 12/24
Length of cable*, m 0,7
Execution of cable* joint