The sensor of angle of slope of DU-180 is intended for the goniometry of inclination, relatively horizontal plane, in the checking and management of movable and stationary objects (including, in the satellite system of monitoring) systems. In particular, the sensor of angle of slope can be used for the count of amount of the containers collected by a garbage-disposal machine, amounts of getting up of scoop of power-shovel, arrow of lifting faucet, dump of snowbreaker etc. The sensor of angle of slope is situated metal-enclosed with opening under fastening.

The sensor of angle of slope will transform the change of angle of slope, relatively horizontal axis, in a digital or analog signal. Depending on the chosen office hours, a sensor passes the values of current corner on the interface of RS — 485, as a frequency signal or switching of dry contacts on an exit.

Technical descriptions

Amount of measuring axes 3
Measuring range, degree 0…180
Supply voltage, V 8…36
Consumption current, no more, mA 8
Amount of protection IP67
Operating temperature,°С -40…+85
Temperature non-linearity, %/°C ±0.1
Exactness, degree ±1
Type of output signal — analog dry contact (shorting on mass)
Type of output signal — digital RS-485
Type of output signal — frequency 300…480 Hz