Fuel level sensors

Epsilon EN2Ri

Sparking safety of the electric chains of block, related to the equipment in an explosive zone, is provided by limitation of current and tension in his electric chains to intrinsically safe of values, and also by implementation of construction of block of spark protection in accordance with requirements GOST 22782.5-78.

Limitation of current and tension in electric chains is provided by application in the block of spark protection elements of spark protection. Galvanic upshot of intrinsically safe and non — intrinsically safe chains provided by the transformer of T1Fia with a gap through a hard dielectric no less than a 1,5 mm and galvanic insulator of U4Fia ADUM1412ARWZ.

Technical descriptions

Temperature of exploitation – 40 … + 75
Maximal amount of connected external FLS 7
Tension of feed, working range +9 -10% ÷ +36 +20%