Fuel level sensors

Epsilon ES2

Sensor of capacity type «Epsilon» is used with the purpose of precision measuring of level of filling the fuel of tanks of motor transport with an error, not exceeding 1%.This sensor is set in the checking systems after priming, weathering and expense of fuel in totality with the systems of satellite GPS/GLONASS monitoring of transport vehicles.

Advantages of «Epsilon» in relation to other sensors consist in
  • to the simple facilitated construction weighing to 250 g
  • possibilities of setting in flat reservoirs in a to 30 cm depth due to application of short measuring probes
  • to very tall exactness of measuring of level of fuel, that is arrived at due to the increase of permission of sensor and linearness of measuring scale
  • moduleness of execution, allowing to replace a measuring head regardless of probe, not coming running here to repeated calibration test reservoir

Technical descriptions of sensors of Epsilon ES2, ES4

Range of feed-in tension, W 8 – 36
Utilized current, mA 5,5±0,5 at tension 12W, 2,5±0,2 — at tension 24W
Interface of connection with peripheral devices RS-232 (physical) и RS-485
Rate of information transfer, bit/sec. 2400 – 115200 (with intermediate values)
Interval of taking temperature of tank, °С from -54 to +79
Error of measuring of value of temperature of tank, °С no more ±1
Range of maximum working temperatures, °С – 39 … + 74
Range of measuring value level в 12-bit system: 0 — 4095, в 16-bit: 0 — 65535
Interval of time intermediate of measuring, sec 0,25
An interval of delivery of data is in the automatic mode, sec. 1 — 255
Size of filter of measuring results 0 — 32
Range of averaging time, sec. 0 — 32
Level of dust — and moisture protection defence of corps IP56