FORT-111 WiFi

Terminal of FORT-111 WiFi provides possibility of work in the networks of Wi — Fi for a transmission on the server of data of monitoring and for configuring and updating of built-in POE.

  • In a difference from existing at the market decisions, terminals of FORT — 111 WiFi is equipped not only Wi — by the Fi- module but also by the module of GPRS. It allows to the terminal to remain on connection in any situation and to choose optimal office hours for the economy of traffic
  • The system of authentification eliminates the error of choice of Wi — Fi- of network and undesirable traffic from a strange equipment
  • Support of encipherement of connection does not allow to the malefactors to intercept a traffic from a device


  • 32 channels of track
  • 35 sec. – time of «cold» and «warm» start
  • 3 sec. – time of «hot» start
  • Exactness of receipt of navigation parameters – 2.5 m

Work is in the networks of GSM

  • Supported frequency ranges: GSM 900/1800 MHz
  • Transmission of voice traffic
  • Transmission of SMS
  • Communication of data of GPRS

Work is in the networks of Wi — Fi

  • Supported standards: 802.11b
  • Range of frequencies – 2,4GHz
  • Encipherement and authentification WPA,WPA-PSK, 802.1х

Type of aerials (GSM GPS/GLONASS)

Holder for setting of SIM-card 1
Type of aerials (GSM GPS/GLONASS) External
Interface of connection with a computer USB 2.0
Internal energyindependent memory 16 Mbyte
Size of «black box» No less 150 000 notes
Digital entrances
  • 4 entrances of general-purpose with the function of count of impulses
  • 1 entrance for connection of «lighting»
Analog-to-digital entrances
  • 1 entrance with a worker range from 0 to 15 W
  • 1 entrance with a worker range from 0 to 30 W
Discrete exits:
  • 2 exits of general-purpose
  • 1 exit of management a light-emitting-diode indicator
  • RS-485
  • 1-Wire
  • CAN
Connection of voice devices Supported
Tension of feed from 8 to 40 W
Built-in storage battery (SB)
  • Lithium-ion cells 1800 mA/h
  • Tenure of employment of SB no less than 800 cycles of charge/of digit of m
Temperature range from -40 С to +85 С
Mass No more 400 g
Overall sizes 104 х 122 х 33 mm
Supported protocols of communication of data
  • Protocol of sensor of level of fuel of LLS and consonant with him on the interface of RS — 485
  • Protocol of biometric считывателя of finger-prints of BioSmart — E — T (reception of number of map at successful comparison of finger-print and his writtenin on a map character)
  • Reception of the data formed according to the standard of J1939 FMS, through the interface of CAN
  • Taking of data over the device of CAN — LOG through transformer RS232 — RS485 MOXA TCC — 80 or analogical
  • Cooperation on an interface 1 — Wire with the devices of reading of noncontact maps and keys, supporting the mode of Dallas Touch — memory
  • Cooperation on an interface 1 — Wire with the digital sensors of temperature, realized on the base of microcircuits of DS18S20 and DS18B20 (to 4 pieces. simultaneously)
  • Protecting from the change of polarity of feed-in tension
  • Protecting from the brief impulses of tension by amplitude to +600 W (at length of impulse to 4.5 мс and resistance of source of feed no less than 50 Оm)
  • Saves a capacity at reduction of tension of built-in storage battery to 3,45 W