G20x are impermeable plastic corps from polycarbonate . The sealing-in of corps on the class of IP65 and NEMA4 is provided by connection of type «ledge-slot» on a lid and corps and by the presence of neoprene sealant. The inside of founding of corps has ebbs for the horizontal fastening of PCB, connecting of terminals and other Ebbs have opening with press fitted by the brass threaded hobs. Fastening of lid comes true unmagnetic spirally of М4, that is twisted in the brass threaded hobs. Corps with the suffix of -С have a transparent lid.

G214C is an impermeable corps with the transparent lid of light grey color, produced from polycarbonate. Protecting is provided from penetration of dust and moisture on the standard of IP65. A transparent lid is included in a delivery set. Overall sizes make: on length a 171 mm, on a width a 121 mm and on a height 55 мм. On the internal surface of corps bars pour off for horizontal and directing for the vertical placing of PCBS.


Sizes 171x121x55 mm
Material polycarbonate
Color of corps light grey
Lid transparent
Possibility of the horizontal setting of PCBS by means of directing
Degree of defence IP65