Naviset GT-20 PRO

Device Naviset GT-20 PRO decision for the strictest user. Worked out for application in the spheres of control of motor transport, expense of fuel and guard. Ministry of Transport conforms to the requirements of Order Russian FEDERATION from July, 31 2012 № 285 «About claim of requirements to facilities of navigation, functioning with the use of navigation signals of the system GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS and intended for the obligatory equipment of transport vehicles of category of M, used for commercial transportations of passengers, and category of N used for transportation of dangerous loads»

Area of applicability

  • Passenger and freight motor transport
  • Automobile motor transport of organizations and private persons
  • Agricultural and building technique
  • Taxi stationes and delivery of loads services
  • Guard enterprises
  • Municipal utilits
  • Small aviation
  • Water-carriage
  • Railway transport
  • Military transport
  • Services of the rapid reacting

Using NAVISET GT-20 PRO, you will be able

  • To operate any data got from any source. Absolutely any data can be placed in a cell (register) for a further analysis, change, comparison or transformation.
  • To connect a device to the different programs of monitoring (Wialon, Omnicomm, Navixy, Fort, AutGRAF, STMatix, ST CrossPoint, ЕНДС-ФИЦ of and other)
  • To change configuration and device software through any accessible communication channel — USB / GPRS / WiFi / IRIDIUM and other.
  • Evidently to see a run and time of work of machine
  • To keep data in a device more than 6 months
  • Repeatedly to increase memory (microSD)
  • To control priming and expense of fuel (analog, impulsive, frequency, digital sensors)
  • To see the last name of driver
  • To get pictures from a video camera
  • To apply 2 SIM- of map or 2 SIM- of chip (option) of different operators
  • To manage the state of guard and to block an engine through SMS and voice menu
  • To know a temperature in refrigeration unit and on the axes of engines (to 8 sensors)
  • To connect a device for bilateral connection with a crew (headset of loud connection of HF — 1)
  • To create automatic notification of stop points
  • Free of charge to pass information through open access of Wi points — Fi (optional)
  • To get information with CAN- of tire (FMS, J1939, J1979)
  • To connect Can — log
  • To decide the most various tasks of client
  • To pass data through the satellite channel of IRIDIUM or WiFi of network.


Amount of universal entrances (expansion to) 8 (12) pieces
Amount of exits (expansion to) 4 (0) piece
Volume of black box, points 650000pieces
Support of SD of maps (autoinformant, add.black box) Is
Possibility of connection of display of driver, support of voice and headset of loud connection of HF-1 Is
Maintenance WiFi, Bluetooch, IRIDIUM, GLOBALSTAR Is
Interface RS232 2 piece
Gyroscope for inertial guidance option
Amount of points of autoinformant/of phrases Unreservedly
Amount of the influenced logical events Unreservedly
Amount of registers of data with CAN of tire Unreservedly
Amount of registers of data with MODBUS of tire Unreservedly
Connection of external periphery By all available
Per second record of data at the sharp braking Is
Communication of data on two servers and support of e — Call Is
Function of programing logical inspector Is