Flow sensors

OGM 50

The meter (flowmeter) of series of OGM 50 is intended for the exact measuring of amount of diesel fuel, kerosene, oils and other viscid liquids by viscidity to 1000 сР, in relation to that materials, from that a meter is made, are steady. The use of oval cog-wheels in the reading device of meter provides high exactness of measuring in the wide range of viscidity of the pumped over product. The corps of meter is made from an aluminium, oval rotors from an aluminium (optional from polyether resin). An electronic recorder, representing current  re-zero, accumulated re-zero and accumulated non re-zero values within the second sign after a comma, has a meter for presentation of data.

By the distinctive feature of flowmeter of c LCD a screen before other meters of series of OGM is ability to represent measuring in one of five possible units : litre, kg, m.cube, gallon, US gallon. For the increase of exactness of testimonies in the process of exploitation it is possible independently to execute the so-called calibration of device without bringing in of expensive measuring laboratories.

For the exact measuring of mass expense there is possibility of account of closeness of working liquid within the third sign. For a wretched price we get possibility of measuring of mass expense.

Technical descriptions

Nominal diameter, inch
Measureable range, l/of mines 30-300
Nominal pressure, bar 18,0
Exactness, % ±0,5
Repetition, % 0,03
Maximal viscidity, сР 1000
Mass of meter, kg 6,0