The sensor of rotation

The sensor of rotation (motions) is used in the systems of monitoring for control of rotating or moving mechanisms. Mainly, the sensor of rotation is used for control of ready-mix delivery truck («mixers»).

By means of sensor all unloading of ready-mix delivery truck is easily monitoring and his route is controlled with the included «mixer». The sensor of rotation is also used on building faucets. During setting on the billow of winch, it easily to control intensity of work of faucet.

The sensor of rotation is used on boring technique for control of depth of the boring drilling on the basis of analysis of the turns done by the billow of lifting winch.

The sensor of rotation can be using on a communal technique for control of speed and count of turns of conveyer ribbon on throwing about sand cars. The sensors of rotation produced by us differ from analogical sensors reliability, large functional, comfortable editing and subzero price.

Technical descriptions

Tension of feed (W) 9-36
Amount of exits, type «open collector» 2
Maximally-possible load current on the exit of sensor (mA) 50
Maximal commutation voltage of exit of sensor (W) 36